Visi dan Misi


Making a professional profession organizations by promoting its members in excellence wound, stoma, continence care, education  and research, both nationally and internationally with efforts to develop the potential of a science, technology, culture, arts, responsible and accountable in continuing professional education.


  1. Designing  standard services  in  acute and chronic wound care, dermatology system disorders, stoma dan continence   care based on evidence-based  and professional
  2. Recognized as the association of wound, stoma and continence care   mainly inter-professional national and international
  3. Developing, maintaining and improving the professionalism of nurses in wound, stoma and continence care in clinical practice with responsible and accountable
  4. Committed to improving health care quality of wound, stoma and the continence care  through optimal care and treatment, prevention, advocacy and education, decreasing  the incidence of sequelae including major amputations and dysfunction
  5. Designing a program of education or training with competency certification of international standard and as a professional entrepreneurship in the field of wound, stoma and  continence, and development of  science through research.
  6. Organizing scientific meetings both national and international, as well as the meeting of the leaders and members
  7. Promoting science and technology in  wound, stoma, and continence care synergetically  to support the sustainable development of the health care sector.
  8. Making an capable organization to  maintain the credibility of the profession, the power of team work, and advocacy members.